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Towards the ‘Connected Farm’: Workshop on 29th January, Satellite Applications Catapult

Today’s farming industry relies heavily on the collection and movement of data related to all parts of the business and the wider supply chain. From weather forecasts to stock levels in retail outlets, farm decision-making and efficiency is governed by the quality and availability of data.  With more and more data-hungry decision support tools and business systems coming on stream, there is no doubt that the infrastructure and processes of data transmission in rural settings need to be improved if the gains from remote sensing and supply chain integration are to be realised.

Towards the "Connected Farm" - Workshop invitation

29 January 2015 at the Satellite Applications Catapult, Harwell, Oxfordshire

The vision of a ‘connected farm’, where all equipment within the farm is linked and integration with the supply chains is complete, is still some way away.  Progress is being made, however, on a number of fronts and this workshop will focus on where improvements can be made in the transmission of data round the farm by using satellite communication technologies.  Experts from the agriculture industry and from the satcomms industry will explore the challenges and potential solutions to improving data flows, with the aim of identifying topics for further research. 

The KTN, Satellite Applications Catapult, UKTI and AHDB have joined forces to organise the event which promises to be a lively and interactive occasion where agriculture and communication technology specialists come together to design a better future for the ‘connected farm’.  At the end of the meeting we hope to have identified several priority topics for further research, and perhaps started the process of consortium formation. Places at the workshop are limited, so book your seat early, and be prepared to contribute!

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