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Speakers announced for KTN workshop on innovation in livestock buildings - Integration of multiple new technologies

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is hosting a workshop on 27th October in Edinburgh to join up thinking in the initiation of livestock housing (re)design, incorporating as appropriate new advances in sensors, environmental control, biosecurity, lighting, hygiene, water, health, nutrition (including feeding systems), robotics, water supply and usage, retail planning, and waste.

We are now delighted to announce the preliminary programme for this workshop. 


KTN Workshop on Innovation in Livestock Buildings
Thursday 27th October 2016, Edinburgh

Livestock housing systems, especially where livestock are intensively reared, have become increasingly important to the productivity and profitability of farm businesses. 

Scientific and technological advances have greatly advanced our understanding of the animal's needs (e.g. nutrition, environment, social interaction), and this understanding must be coupled with the need to meet requirements of the processing and retail industries.

There is increased acceptance and use of newly developed technologies such as sensors with livestock housing, and new systems are constantly being developed, but often separately and many are not easy to integrate. KTN has organised this workshop with the aim of linking up the needs of the end-users and livestock with innovators from many areas.


Preliminary Programme

  • A farmers perspective of their and livestock’s needs from their buildings, with an insight into their experience of integrating multiple systems  - David Speller, Applied Poultry

  • Cutting edge environmental control systems and designing these for modern livestock buildings – Hugh Crabtree, Farmex

  • Designing technology and housing for livestock’s needs – Duncan Forbes, Kingshay

  • Integrating energy saving and waste management systems in modern livestock buildings – Sophie Throup (tbc), RAFT Solutions

  • Considering the health and welfare of livestock in building design – tbc

  • Livestock building design and construction – Bo Rosberg, Agrifarm

  • Creating the best of outdoors indoors – Galebreaker Agri

  • Funding opportunities – Innovate UK


Do you have a livestock housing challenge or solution you would like to pitch?

There will also be an opportunity for delegates to make a short 5 minute pitch presentation on opportunities for collaboration. The short presentation should detail specific agricultural challenges requiring new solutions, OR solutions that could potentially be applied to benefit agriculture in terms of housing design or integration.


Further information

When: Thursday, 27 October 2016 from 09:30 to 17:00
Where: Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh - 9 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JQ
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