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RuScource briefing on beef and sheep emissions road map

RuSource have produced an interesting briefing based on ‘Down to Earth’ which updates work on the Eblex beef and sheep road map towards producing more while reducing emissions.

To quote directly from the briefing document’s summary:
“Agriculture’s target is an 11% reduction in annual emissions by 2020.  More than 90% of the total emissions for beef and lamb to point of sale is accounted for on-farm. Case studies of farms show that the best opportunities to reduce emissions are by achieving optimum daily liveweight gains, the best finishing weight as early as possible, feeding good quality grass or a high quality ration and a high output per breeding unit. Effective management of grassland can maximise an area’s efficiency as a carbon sink but more research is needed to quantify the benefits.”

The briefing is available to download from our Documents Library (click here).

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