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KTN launches new tool to map organisations and funders within the UK agri-food landscape

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has launched a new tool, the agri-food UK landscape, to highlight funding and support for innovation in the UK's agri-food sector.


Agri-Food Landscape Portal

This tool aims to provide a high-level visual, dynamic representation of the makeup of organisations and funders within the UK Agri-Food Landscape. The Agri-Food landscape in the UK is complex, and by mapping it KTN aims to provide clarity for businesses seeking to innovate within this sector. It is intended as a user-friendly interface that presents a de-cluttered view of various opportunities to access support and funding to drive innovation in Agri-Food. It has been made available as a resource for all.

Go to (the portal is accessible on any device with a web browser). The first section features a snapshot of the landscape where you can navigate through from top-level categories to a geographic overview. Clicking a data point on the lowest level takes the user to a detailed list view, with advanced sorting and filtering options. A detailed map showing the exact location of each entry is also available, along with a link to each organisation’s website.

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