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Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change launches updated Strategic Research Agenda

The BBSRC-supported Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) has revised its Strategic Research Agenda, to set out clear research priorities on agriculture, food security and climate change in Europe.

Europe has to meet a triple societal challenge of jointly ensuring food security, adaptation to climate change impacts and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions – both for its own food security but also for its global responsibility. Solutions, methods and tools developed in and for Europe are, therefore, relevant at a global scale to address this challenge.

By updating its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), FACCE-JPI sets out clear policy-relevant research priorities on agriculture, food security and climate change in Europe, and lists strategic actions to achieve these goals and align current and future national research programmes. In the SRA, FACCE-JPI incorporates new knowledge and emerging European and global issues, and takes into account the international agendas on Sustainable Development Goals and Climate.

FACCE-JPI brings together 22 members, fostering collaboration to align research programming and develop innovation. The work carried out in FACCE-JPI involves stakeholders, addressing also economic and social issues, without being limited to the purely scientific ones.

FACCE-JPI Governing Board Chair Mr Niels Gøtke, said: “Let’s be clear: the challenges of food security, climate change, and depletion of resources are so important that they cannot be addressed at the national level alone. Even if the work in different countries gives rise to numerous advances, it is imperative to establish a genuine European coordination around a common vision and shared objectives and instruments.”

The updated SRA structures the current and future actions around five major interdisciplinary scientific themes. These are:

  • Sustainable food security under climate change
  • Environmentally sustainable intensification of agricultural systems
  • Developing synergies and reducing trade-offs between food supply, biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Mitigation of climate change

In its five years of existence FACCE-JPI has resulted in several concrete achievements in aligning national research on modelling climate change impacts, adaptation to climate change, water use, crop management or the protection of biodiversity. The FACCE-JPI Knowledge Hub MACSUR is an important example of an innovative means of aligning national research around the theme of modelling climate change impact on European agriculture.

BBSRC was instrumental in the formation of FACCE-JPI in 2010 and has continued involvement, providing secretariat support, contributing funding to support the UK science community in many FACCE-JPI actions, and jointly represents the UK, along with Defra, on the FACCE-JPI Governing Board.

FACCE-JPI’s revised Strategic Research Agenda and Implementation Plan 2016–2018 was released at the pre-event “International soil research – Opportunities for synergy and cooperation with FACCE-JPI”, organised by DG AGRI and FACCE-JPI at the conference “Designing the Path: A strategic approach to EU agricultural research & innovation”, 27 January 2016 in Brussels.


Story source: BBSRC news release, 27 Jan 2016

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