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Exploring the Lessons of Johne’s Disease in Cattle, 7th June, Ayrshire

SRUC is holding a spring event for livestock farmers to inform and update farmers on the progress of a research project seeking the best way to address Johne’s Disease or paratuberculosis in Scotland's Cattle.

The PARABAN project, now in its final year, has worked with “champion farmers” and their vets who have helped explain their progress with what is a complicated and difficult disease.

The latest PARABAN event will take place in collaboration with Overcairn Farm, a beef and sheep farm which has been involved in the project.

Since the project began in 2010, researchers from Scotland’s Rural College, the University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, and the James Hutton Institute have worked with farmers and their vets to identify the best way to control Johne’s disease in Scottish conditions. The PARABAN farmers’ meetings have offered an informal forum allowing farmers, vets and researchers to openly discuss the challenges they face when controlling this disease.

In addition to discussing Johne’s disease, the meeting will also feature a short talk on Schmallenberg virus, a new and emerging livestock disease that was first detected in Germany in 2011 but subsequently spread into other parts of Europe. 

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