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Cross-sector collaboration will be essential in the design, construction and instrumentation of modern livestock buildings

Report by Callum Harvey, KTN

Recent scientific and technological advances in the understanding of livestock’s requirements (e.g. nutrition, environment, social interactions etc.), the control and monitoring of such requirements, coupled with meeting the requirements of the processing and retail industries have meant that livestock buildings and how they are kitted out are rapidly evolving.

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) hosted a focused workshop on 27th October 2016 to stimulate increased collaborative working between the many sectors contributing to the design, construction and instrumentation of modern livestock buildings. 

Following on from an introduction to the rationale of the day and an introduction to KTN, the day kicked off with a inspiring insight into the realities of life as an innovative poultry farmer from David Speller; grappling with a multitude of available technologies, high volumes, low margins and increasing production pressures. Delegates then heard from Hugh Crabtree on remote monitoring of pigs; Duncan Forbes on designing housing and technology around dairy cattle needs; Sophie Throup and Ewan Macpherson on an innovative collaborative project currently underway to design and build an self-sustaining commercial pig housing system; Henri Geerts on innovations in ventilation and weather protection; and finally from Bo Rosberg on designing buildings for optimal animal conditions.

Attendees were given the opportunity to outline their problems and innovation needs, or technical capabilities by way of a short pitch presentation. The aim was to encourage them to explore collaboration and innovation opportunities to help think about these needs from them beginning, and integrating these into the design of the building, whilst also building in the ability to adapt to future technologies more easily.

David Telford, Knowlege Transfer Manager at KTN, then rounded off the workshop by presenting delegates with information on potential funding opportunities.


Innovation in livestock buildings workshop
27th October, 2016, Edinburgh

Presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.



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