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Crops for Human and Farmed Animal Nutrition

BBSRC is inviting researchers from a range of backgrounds to apply their expertise across the spectrum of underpinning to applied research in order to advance our understanding of how crops and/or crop-based food can have a positive health benefit for humans or farmed animals.

It is important to deliver benefits to researchers, industrial partners and practitioners. Proposals should build on the latest crop and nutritional science to address the strategically important challenge of delivering the next generation of crops that are beneficial for human and/or farmed animal health – to be achieved through linking crop science, through to processing and improved nutrition.

They welcome proposals addressing a range of UK and globally relevant research questions, but would, in particular, encourage applications addressing this challenge in crops relevant to developing countries.

They also welcome applications working in collaboration and/or consultation with the food industry. As will all responsive mode applications, LINK and IPA schemes are also applicable in areas covered by this highlight.

Application deadline: 21 September 2016, 4pm


Town meeting

BBSRC are running a town meeting event to support the upcoming Responsive Mode Highlight, scheduled for Monday 13 June 2016 (from 10am-4pm) in Central London. The town meeting will provide attendees with the opportunity to find out more about the highlight, pose questions about applying to the highlight, discuss potential proposals, to network with peers and join up research project ideas.

Registration for the event is now open, please use the following link to register:

Please note that, in case of oversubscription, registration does not necessarily guarantee a place.


Find out more

For full details of this competition please visit

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