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Biosensors in Agriculture Workshop, 17 June 2015, Birmingham

Agricultural science is a fast growing market, but faces a significant global challenges in the form of:

  • A rising population
  • Rapid development of emerging economies
  • Shortages of land, water and energy


Biosensors in Agriculture Workshop, 17 June 2015, Birmingham

To address these challenges, there will need to be significant improvements in the yield and sustainability of food crops and livestock. A key part of the developments, underpinning these improvements, will be the acquisition of data and the conversion of this data into information to enable the effective management of crops and animals.

The aim of this workshop is to look at the sensing challenges in agriculture and to identify where:

  1. Current biosensors technology can be applied, and
  2. New biosensors technology is required

In particular, this event will focus on:

  • The major challenges in agricultural science and technology
  • The contributions new biosensors can make to address these challenges
  •  Biosensors technology that can readily translate from healthcare to agriculture
  • The requirements of new biosensors to address the sensing “gaps” in agriculture
  • How biosensor-related projects can access the upcoming Agritech Catalyst call


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