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Are you interested in organic and low input ruminant production?

Low Input beef, sheep and Dairy Workshop, 21-22 April 2015 , near Stocksfield, Northumberland

The Advanced Training Partnership (ATP) in Sustainable and Efficient Food Production is holding a two day workshop on low input beef, sheep and dairy on 21-22 April 2015 near Stocksfield in Northumberland.

Speakers from IBERS and Pasture for Life will draw on current knowledge to present essential aspects of organic and low input ruminant production from principles, values and markets to suitability of animal breeds, forages and grazing practices.

The benefits of low input ruminant production systems can include reduced costs, reduced environmental pressure and the potential to improve health and welfare.  While there isn’t a defined ‘low input’ market, such production systems can be managed to meet standards and certifications, such as organic, high welfare or pasture fed and open up options to supply the growing market for ethical food. 

The first day will feature a visit to Nafferton Farm, one of Newcastle University’s research farms, where Nafferton Ecological Farming Group (NEFG) focuses on low-input and organic approaches to crop and livestock management.

Workshop topics include:

  • Organic production, food values and ethical food markets
  • Forages for health and parasite control
  • Animal and breed types suited to low input systems
  • The role of nutrients in different pasture types
  • Findings from pasture-fed only systems
  • Grazing rotation and grazing management tools

Speakers: Dr Christina Marley, Dr Mariecia Fraser (IBERS), Luppo Diepenbroek (PFLA) and researchers from Organic Centre Wales and the Grassland Development Centre (IBERS).

This workshop doubles as a stand-alone CPD event or as an introduction to a postgraduate distance learning module on Low Input Ruminant Production.

Fee: £400 (or £160 if you are eligible for a bursary – see their fees and bursaries page for details)

Find out more and register at

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