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AHDB Beef & Lamb Invitation to Tender: Update Feeding the Ewe

AHDB Beef & Lamb is currently focusing on research work to improve the understanding of how nutritional requirements of sheep have changed.  Changes in breeds, mature size and genetic potential has meant that nutritional requirements that were established in the 1970s need updating. 

AHDB Beef & Lamb, plus its predecessors of Meat and Livestock Commission and EBLEX, have funded research work on sheep nutrition. Information from these projects have been communicated to levy payers through the Better Returns Programme, to academics through the British Society of Animal Science and consultants through the R&D workshop.

There is a need to compile all of the recent work into a technical manual suitable for progressive sheep producers and consultants.  It would be the equivalent of the MLC’s Feeding the Ewe booklet that was first released in 1981.

Tender deadline: 19 January 2016



  1. To developed a structure for the technical manual with AHDB Beef & Lamb staff and key industry contacts

  2. To review the current research on feeding replacement ewe lambs, shearlings and adult ewes on a range of systems (including fully outdoor systems), plus pedigree animals

    1. A soon-to-be completed literature review by AFBI will be made available to the project team

    2.  The focus would be on levy board funded work, but other key sources should be reviewed as well

    3. The review should not include post-weaned slaughter lambs

  3. To write the technical review with feedback from key industry contacts throughout the process

  4. To develop workshop ideas for the technical manual to be communicated to levy payers and consultants in the autumn of 2016

    1. Include costs of delivering these workshops as a separate objective


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