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What are the next steps for UK Agricultural Technologies? Keynote seminar, 22 Oct, London

The Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum are hosting a keynote seminar "Next steps for UK Agricultural Technologies - investment, research and progress from the catalyst projects" on Thursday, 22nd October 2015 in Central London.

Delegates at this conference will discuss the progress of the UK Agricultural Technologies Strategy, including the impact of Agri-Tech catalyst projects as they move into the third phase of implementation.

They will also examine the next steps for the Centres for Agricultural Innovation with new investment of £12m being provided for the Centre for Agricultural Informatics and Sustainability Metrics (AIMS) big data revolution.

The seminar includes contributions from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Agri-tech Leadership Council, NFU and BBRSC and will bring together key policymakers with stakeholders from across UK agri-tech and farming, as well as representatives from the food and drink industry, environmental organisations, academia, and elsewhere.

Overall, areas for discussion include:

  • UK agricultural technology: challenges and priorities for development;
  • Next steps for the Agri-tech catalyst projects: translating research into practical applications;
  • Role of Centres for Agricultural Innovation and advances in sustainable intensification;
  • Data and agricultural research;
  • Agricultural technology and the food security challenge;
  • Investment, innovation and adoption: encouraging farm businesses in the development, exploitation and use of new technologies;
  • Export opportunities; UK agricultural technology in a global market; and
  • The future of the Agri-tech strategy, industry practice and government policy.

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