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2050 Industrial Roadmaps and Circular Economy: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency & remaining competitive

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is hosting a mini-conference on the theme of 2050 Industrial Roadmaps and Circular Economy, on 27th October 2016 in London.

BEIS has been working with trade associations, companies and other stakeholders to identify how the 8 most heat-intensive sectors in the UK (Iron and Steel, Chemicals, Food and Drink, Oil Refining, Pulp and Paper, Cement, Glass, Ceramics), can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and increase their energy efficiency whilst remaining competitive. These 2050 roadmaps reports were published in March last year and one of the cross-cutting themes they identified is value chain collaboration or the circular economy.

You can find these reports here:

The objective of this mini-conference is to define what and where aspects of the circular economy or value chain collaboration are relevant for the 2050 roadmap programme in general, and to discuss potential actions – working collaboratively with industry and academia – that could feed in to the individual sectoral action plans.

The key questions for discussion are:

1.    How can the uptake of lifecycle thinking in energy intensive industries be accelerated and embedded?

2.    How can products manufactured by energy intensive industries be designed to improve durability and recyclability?

3.    How can management lead and structure its business to realise energy and material efficiency?

4.    How can energy intensive industries and Government work with their increasingly global up- and downstream supply chain to reduce embodied greenhouse gas emissions and energy?

5.    How can an industrial strategy facilitate opportunities for energy intensive  industries to move up the value chain? 


If you have an interest in attending this mini conference please reply to

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