Key Activities

 ·         Strong engagement with the synthetic chemistry and catalysis communities. 

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The strategic needs of the community and the steps required to grow the sector are summarised in Chemistry Innovation’s position paper


·         Strong involvement with the EPSRC Dial-A-Molecule (100% Efficient Synthesis) Network Grand ChallengeThis includes co-ordination of the "Focusing Our Efforts" industry group

·         Support of key networks such as the RSC Applied Catalysis Group and RSC High Throughput and New Technologies Group

·         Using CI strategic relationships (such as SusChem) to leverage funding from key UK/European sources for projects that can bring about major advances in sustainability

·         Synthetic methodology for pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals is the key target for sustainable processes. This is approached through exploring process intensification and flow processing techniques. (See overview presentation)

·         The Chemistry Innovation Sustainable Technologies Roadmap.  The roadmap highlights the sustainability challenges and opportunities which exist for the chemical and chemistry using industries.