How can we Assist

Chemistry Innovation delivers support through:

Providing access to expertise through unique networks such as the Dial-A-Molecule EPSRC Grand Challenge. Consultation is also sought through membership of groups such as the RSC Applied Catalysis Group and the High Throughput & New Technologies Group.

Providing an influential voice and input to strategy through activities like the Chemistry Innovation EPSRC Synthetic Methodology position paper.
Building consortia and facilitating collaborative projects and supporting major activities such as the Bath (Sustainable Chemistry) and Bristol (Synthesis) Doctoral Training Centres.


Why should you request a visit from Chemistry Innovation?

Chemistry Innovation can help you build your business!

The Chemistry Innovation KTN is proactively building on its existing knowledge of the UK’s pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry, through company visits & other communication, to gain a fuller understanding of the sector & importantly to drive business opportunities and collaboration.

The development and uptake of new technologies and approaches is critical for the health of the sector and drives business advantage. For Sustainable Chemistry this means the development and use of new catalysts, technologies and reactions to drive increasingly more efficient, sustainable synthesis*

Significant levels of funding do exist for collaborative work in this area, including European and UK (Technology Strategy Board, Research Councils etc..) and strong activity is underway to fight Chemistry’s corner, in a competitive funding environment.

Help us understand your business

Informal advice is always available (over the phone, through the website), but we find short company visits (typically 1h) to be an invaluable way of understand your needs and communicating the opportunities 

- Where does your company fit in the UK’s pharmaceutical and fine chemical value chain?

- What are your strengths and capabilities?

- Which opportunities are you looking to build?

- Where can collaborative work allow you to strengthen your capabilities and build your business?

What does it cost?

Nothing!... Chemistry Innovation KTN is government funded (through the TSB) and all our work is focussed on driving business and Innovation, for industry and academia, in the UK. We also work to influence funding bodies on the content of their funding calls

To arrange a visit...

Please email or give me a call 01928 515508


 * The application of Industrial Biotechnology (IB) and incorporation of bio-derived chemicals is covered by a parallel activity through the Industrial Biotechnology Special Interest Group (IB-SIG)