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Jonathan AbraJonathan Abra

Jonathan's expertise encompasses many aspects of the natural environment, with a focus on water and wastewater management, and contaminated soil remediation. He maintains an interest in the marketing of environmental goods and services, and supports the KTN in developing company-based Knowledge Transfer Partnerships too. Twenty years of experience in industry and consultancy have included highly successful work at national level with the Welsh Development Agency, and EU-funded initiatives backed by the European Regional Development Fund. Jonathan is based in the KTN's Runcorn Office, and also provides one of our links to the Lancaster Environment Centre.





Lis Broome

Lis's experience covers low carbon and waste industries. Lis has a background in biological and agricultural science that was followed by four years in Australia developing cost effective feeding regimes for the sheep industry. Back in the UK she has worked extensively with government support programmes in the waste and low carbon energy sectors. She has more than twenty years' experience of working with organisations in the industrial/commercial sector as well as with the academic and public sector. Her work promotes opportunities that offer innovative approaches for developing cost-effective energy efficient and low carbon solutions for businesses. Recently she worked with the regional development agency in the West Midlands to advise and support development of regional businesses in areas as diverse as resource efficiency and low carbon, particularly with waste resources, biomass and wind developments.   



Tony Hartwell

Tony Hartwell

Tony Hartwell describes himself as a 'Jack of all trades and master of some', but with thirty years' practical experience in minerals and metals industries, he is undoubtedly well placed to advise the KTN's Members on resource efficiency, and all aspects of sustainable materials management, from primary resources to end-of-life. Tony's innovative talents have produced ferro-alloys from scrap in the UK, designed a solar evaporation system in the Middle East, recovered molten magnesium metal in Norway and produced road construction aggregate from slag in South Africa. Now based at Harwell centre, he works to promote collaborative research and development projects, drawing on a huge range of partner organisations including the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, the CBI, MIRO and the ERA-MIN.




Steve Fletcher

Steve is Head of Sustainability & Resource Efficiency in the Knowledge Transfer Network. He is a chemist by training with extensive knowledge of the chemical industry and process manufacturing. Steve spent more than 25 years in industry (ICI) in a variety of research and management roles. Prior to joining the Knowledge Transfer Network he set up and ran a Faraday Partnership (Insight) and then held a number of roles in Chemistry Innovation KTN. In 2013 he led the development of the strategy for innovation in the UK chemistry-using sectors, which has been adopted by the UK's Chemistry Growth Partnership to provide a framework defining the key innovation priorities for those industries.






Catherine Joce

I lead KTN's programme of activity on the circular economy, as part of the sustainability and resource efficiency team. I work across all technology sectors to identify and realise opportunities for adopting approaches such as product-life extension, redistribution, remanufacture and recycling.  Essentially I want to help companies make more money by selling less stuff! I have over five years experience in developing and managing collaborative projects and accessing public funding.








Jenni McDonnellJenni McDonnell

Jenni is a technology professional with extensive energy sector experience, combining strong interpersonal and influencing skills with an excellent record of achievement in a UK and International context. With her background in geology Jenni is passionate about reducing the impact of climate change in particular through the use of carbon capture and storage, carbon sequestration and renewable energy. Having joined the KTN her wealth of experience with project and process management will be put to good use.







Ben PeaceBen Peace

With a background in Engineering & Design, I build on fifteen years' experience in innovation. My aim is to foster the creation of exciting products and services that will make for a better future.

Sustainability, having been recognised as the biggest driver of innovation, has been defined as a cross-cutting business programme at KTN. I lead this supported by a team of champions focused on particular sectors. We foster innovation by sharing knowledge, ideas and opportunities across sectors, facilitating cross-disciplinary collaborations, and enhancing awareness of the global social and environmental drivers that are creating massive innovation opportunities. A key tool is "Horizons" (





Derek PedleyDerek Pedley

Dr. Derek Pedley is Associate Director for Business Development within KTN, brokering relationships between the investment community (including grant support) and environmental technology businesses. His background in academic and commercial research for products as diverse as contact lenses, reverse osmosis membranes and oral insulin, lead to a series of technical positions in major corporations in the UK and overseas and finally to the establishment of a highly successful sensor development company in the USA. Returning to the UK, he specialised in advice to SMEs, and initiated the development of resource efficiency clubs. Derek runs the KTN's Investment Readiness Forum and offers specialist advice in our priority areas of environmental measurement, recovery of energy from waste, soil health, in situ land remediation, and carbon capture and storage. He also chairs the UK Charity 'Talking with Hands', who organise signing for deaf cinema goers. He can be found through the Oxford Office. 





Carolyn RobertsCarolyn Roberts

Professor Carolyn Roberts is a chartered water scientist with twenty-five years experience of consultancy and research on water management and the hydrological impacts of development such as mining and waste disposal, flood and drought management and pollution. She has expertise in the area of industrial resource efficiency, and the development of more circular economies. She also advises on flood management issues (including Gloucestershire County Council in 2007), and the police on the movement of human bodies in rivers; projects have taken her all over the world. Currently a Specialist in the KTN Team, she was Professor of Environmental Sciences at the Gloucestershire University before moving to Oxford University as Director of the Environmental Sustainability KTN from 2009 to 2014. She has published books and many papers on institutional innovation and practical sustainability issues, lead several major innovation projects, and is a past Chair of Society for the Environment, Vice President of the Institution of Environmental Sciences, and a Trustee of the Worshipful Company of Water Conservators. She also holds a part time role as the first Professor of Environment at Gresham College London, a Tudor foundation that was the original host for the Royal Society.


Terry Simms

Terry is a chartered civil and water engineer and has significant experience at senior management levels in a number of roles in the water industry in consultancies, government agencies and private water companies both in the UK and overseas. He has a track record of managing teams of engineers and scientists, planning and delivery of projects, strategy development, knowledge brokering and management of R&D programmes. He has recently returned from Australia after 14 years with United Water and Sydney Water establishing R&D groups, managing environmental consultancies and delivering recycled water and desalination projects. Presently Terry is also managing the European Union Commission WaterDiss initiative, which has been established to disseminate the results/outcomes of R&D from some 80 multi-million euro water related projects.