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ESKTN TVKTN TV brings our events programme direct to your desktop, so that you can listen to and participate in our seminars and workshops even when you can't be there in person. Recordings of the Knowledge Transfer Network events and other video resources (such as case studies) are also available on demand from our KTNTV channel page on YouTube.

We'd be delighted to consider video contributions from the membership of the KTN, either through an expression of interest in presenting a KTN webinar (including your suggestions of what subjects we should be covering), or in the form of pre-recorded web streaming video over which you have creative rights which you would be willing to show via our channel. Contact anna.baginska@ktn-uk.org about webcasting with KTN TV.

Note: Please check the technical notes below to ensure your viewing goes smoothly. When we are not broadcasting live you will see an introductory video and advertising. Watch us live on www.livestream.com/esktn.


Forthcoming Events

(Links lead to pre-event information) - Contact anna.baginska@ktn-uk.org to discuss KTN TV.
  • Innovate UK, NDA and KTN Streaming Event to present "Developing the Civil Nuclear Power Supply Chain" 2014 Competition Projects"- Decommissioning and Waste Management Theme - webcast will begin at 10:00am till 14:00 with 12:30-13:15 lunch break. To watch it live please go to www.livestream.com/esktn.

Footage of recent events

(Links lead to post-event footage)

Visit our complete Video Library - Video On-Demand from KTN


Technical Notes

1. The KTN TV channel webcasts using the Livestream streaming platform (see www.livestream.com/support/faq  for more information). This requires no local software installation, but the channel viewer embedded in our _connect network needs up to date and enabled Java on your system. You may have to check your local settings or consult your own system administrator.

2. Livestream webcasting is designed to be easy to use, and tolerant of a range of reasonable modern broadband bandwidth conditions. Roughly speaking if you can usually watch YouTube or similar streamed video, you should be OK, however we cannot undertake to resolve local performance issues.

3. Here are some links to more information on how common web browsers handle mixed security content - for  Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. An add-on is available for Firefox if you don't want to be obliged to enable mixed content every time you browse.

4. Occasionally viewers experience difficulties in receiving broadcast sound when browsing in Internet Explorer. Generally speaking this can be overcome by viewing the event with one of the alternative major browsers such as Firefox or Safari.

5. Livestream have introduced short elements of advertising onto the basic channel service which we use. Adverts typically last about twenty seconds and the video you want to see will be displayed immediately afterwards. Inclusion of these advertisements allows KTN to offer the webstreaming as a free service to Members, and we hope they do not significantly affect your engagement with the events.

6. Our library of video presentations is available at at YouTube, where content is organised into a series of playlists by event, or you can browse the playlist of all uploaded videos in the embedded player on this page. If you have any problems finding what you want, get in touch with anna.baginska@ktn-uk.org.