Benefits of Membership

Membership of KTN is FREE and gives you access to a range of services designed to improve your connectivity in the innovation community addressing the challenges and opportunities of realising new ways of doing business, producing and consuming that will be sustainable for the environment and society.

Member benefits are delivered by a combination of face to face support from Knowledge Transfer specialists and services accessible through membership of the online _connect community. You can read more about what we do here, but the impulse behind everything that we do is to assist anyone with a part to play in building a more sustainable future innovate more, more often, more quickly, and more effectively.

We can help you...

...Match business needs with knowledge base capabilities

Whether you are a business looking for specific advice or technology for an immediate issue, or seeking to build broader and longer lasting strategic relationships with key research partners, we will work with you to understand your needs, formulate them in a way that researchers can respond usefully to them, and then help you identify where the sort of people with whom you need to engage are located.

For academics, regulators, and other specialist agencies and organisations we can work in consultation with you and key players from the sectors with whom you wish to engage, to communicate your broad capabilities and knowledge, so that you can really get engaged with the real strategic challenges rather than trying vainly to push square technology pegs into round business holes.

...Identify partners and support funding bids

With a well-developed appreciation of players in business, academia, and the broader knowledge base, our Knowledge Transfer specialists are well-positioned to bring together the elements of strong collaborative teams. We work informally and formally (for example through networking events and themed workshops) to move relationships on from the stage of "interesting contact made" to active collaboration by focusing in on how you can work together.

With potential collaborations identified, we can also work on your behalf to plug any gaps in your route to market, and point you towards relevant funding opportunities. We are happy to act as "friendly critics" for funding bids and can advise on how to put together the most compelling case for most of the main funding options for those active in our area. A letter of support from KTN indicates that your project has benefitted from our guidance in preparation, and lends credibility to the benefits and outcomes identified. 

...Keep track of developments in R&D, markets and regulation

As well as regular news monitoringe-newsletters and member alerts, we also keep a close eye on the innovation landscape, we also produce a range of generally available and more restricted circulation reports which provide excellent key factual information on a range of relevant topics. If there is a report that you would like to commission, contact us for a follow-up.

...Raise the profile of your innovation

Innovation only works if the right people get to hear about it! KTN works with individual projects, larger programmes and with the likes of funding bodies and industry assocations to co-organise dissemination events arising from R&D findings, new business collaborations and similar. We encourage projects which we support and track to produce case studies explaining the impact and benefits of their work, and feature success stories in our literature, presentations and exhibiting. KTN also runs the KTN TV webcasting service to further raise the profile of our members through live and on demand recorded video streams of presentatios and events. 

...Input to policy development and UK R&D strategy

We believe that knowledge transfer is a circular process, and it is important that the people who are intended to be the targets of R&D support mechanisms and other policy interventions are involved in the future shaping of such mechanisms for the enhancement of our competitiveness and sustainability. KTN frequently engages in consultative processes with government departments and regulators, synthesising feedback from our members into responses, and also facilitates dialogue between (for example) relevant research councils, academics and industrialists.    

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