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Sustainability & Resource Efficiency Community, KTN May Newsletter

May 2015
Sustainability & Resource Efficiency
Welcome to the Knowledge Transfer Network’s newsletter for the Sustainability & Resource Efficiency Community.
SPARK Plus Award

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and Innovate UK are to invest £50,000 in early-stage R&D projects aimed at encouraging collaborations between the research community and industry. Projects must focus on early-stage R&D of macro- or micro- algal derived fuels or energy for commercial applications, and can include biotechnology and/or non-biotech or synergistic technologies, so long as the technology improves efficiencies.

Spearheading Future Electric Vehicle Battery Production Funding Call 

Innovate UK and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) are to invest up to £10 million in a single consortium to develop a pilot line to understand how to produce high-voltage electric vehicle batteries at a rate that can later be scaled up for commercial production. 

Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation Funding Call   

NERC has a budget of up to £1m to fund proposals on: identifying, understanding and quantifying environmental risks to the infrastructure system; likelihood, effect and impact of multi-hazard combinations on the infrastructure system; and dealing with uncertainty in design, operational and investment decisions.

UKWIR Challenge Detecting the Build Up of Blockages in Complex Fluid Network 

Can you help us stopping the blockages which can lead to flooding?

The United Kingdom Water Industry Research (UKWIR) is seeking innovative solutions to detect the formation of blockages on the networks which can result in spillages from sewers that lead to troublesome property flooding and to contamination of waterways. There is a guaranteed award for at least one submitted solution. 

Cleaner, More Efficient Conventional Fuels Competition - Feasibility Studies

This Innovate UK & NERC competition aim is to improve efficiency, reduce cost and minimise the environmental impact of coal, natural gas and oil production & use in power generation and energy-intensive industry.

Portable Renewable Energy Generation

The aim of SBRI Portable renewable energy generation competition, run by City of Cardiff Council in partnership with Innovate UK and other funding partners, is to identify and develop innovative solutions to generate portable renewable energy technologies that are able to work in a range of locations on underused or vacant land in the city.

Increasing Resilience to Natural Hazards in China (IRNHinC)

Expressions of Interest are invited for the Increasing Resilience to Natural Hazards in China £2·5m call, jointly funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Green Gown Awards 2015 - Awarding Sustainability Excellence 

Green Gown Awards recognise the exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities and colleges across the UK. 

Agri-Tech Catalyst Round 4

The Agri-Tech Catalyst, run by Innovate UK and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, offers £70m funding to innovative businesses and researchers to develop solutions to global agricultural challenges.

Innovation Vouchers Round 12
You can get an Innovation Voucher worth up to £5,000 to pay for an external expert to help your business grow. You can use this expert to get advice on a novel idea or to use design within your business. You can ask them to help you make the most of intellectual property (IP). You can also use Innovation Vouchers to buy time and support on specialist equipment or facilities.
APC4: Driving UK Capability and Economic Impact Through Low Carbon Propulsion Technologies 
The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), in partnership with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and Innovate UK is to invest up to £60m in collaborative research and development funding to support the development of low carbon, low emission automotive propulsion technologies.
Internet of Things Cities Demonstrator 
As part of a £40m Government investment announced in the pre-election Budget, The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and Innovate UK are to invest up to £10 million in a collaborative R&D project to encourage in-field innovation trials demonstrating the capability of Internet of Things (IoT) in a city. The ambition for the demonstrator is to show a large–scale deployment of IoT, offering compelling benefits through environmental improvements, economic opportunities, and efficient and effective delivery of services such as transport, healthcare and energy.
The Long-term Care Revolution National Challenge
This SBRI competition of up to £4 million aims to stimulate the development of innovative new products, services and systems that disrupt the institutional long-term care model, ensuring that UK businesses are well placed to take advantage of this growing market opportunity.
Smart 2015/16
Smart is a grant scheme which offers funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to engage in R&D projects in the strategically important areas of science, engineering and technology, from which successful new products, processes and services could emerge. The scheme supports SMEs carrying out R&D which offers potentially significant rewards and that could stimulate UK economic growth. Three types of grant are available: proof of market, proof of concept, and development of prototype.
Managing the Environment to Improve Human Health and Wellbeing Call
NERC, AHRC and ESRC are hoping to release up to £4m funding for this call which will provide an opportunity for natural and social scientists, and arts and humanities researchers to form substantial interdisciplinary research collaborations which aim to increase understanding of the role biodiversity and ecosystem processes play in human health and wellbeing. The focus of the call will on: natural hazards and extreme events; the exposure of people to vector-borne diseases and marine toxins; health improvements associated with urban ecosystems.
The Management and Use of Biofilms
Innovate UK and BBSRC are to invest up to £2.5 million in feasibility studies to encourage better management and use of biofilms.
Energy Catalyst Round 3
The Energy Catalyst round 3, £14m funding is open to innovative businesses and researchers from any sector who can address the three major challenges facing the energy sector - the energy ‘trilemma' of: reducing emissions, improving security of supply, and reducing cost
Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst Round 4
The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), Innovate UK and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) are to invest £40m in major integrated research and development projects through the Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst. Catalysts provide funding to innovative businesses and researchers working in priority areas with the aim of helping them to quickly turn excellent UK research into new or improved commercial processes and products.
London’s Waste Infrastructure Investment Fund
The London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) has a £20 million fund aimed at supporting businesses, primarily SMEs, willing to develop waste treatment infrastructure projects in London. This support takes the form of debt funding and is offered on commercial terms to medium and high-risk projects which are not able to secure funding from the private sector alone.
Low Carbon Transport Voucher
£1000 Innovation Voucher grant to support your low carbon transport innovations. The vouchers allow businesses to access specialist consultancy that can be provided by universities, research institutes, consultancies, or one of your own suppliers.

The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge
The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge is an annual competition hosted by the Biomimicry Institute, in partnership with the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, that invites people around the world to address critical sustainability issues using nature as a guide.
RNLI Lifeboat Decommissioning Challenge in partnership with LoToNo
What would you do with 86 search-and-rescue lifeboats, including 172 high-powered engines, 86 radar systems, 954 tonnes of composite materials and 43 tonnes of plastic? Over the next 10 years, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution will decommission three different classes of lifeboat.  The potential to recover, reuse, recycle and reimagine these lifeboats and their components is huge. This is a call to experts and specialists to submit commercial solutions and innovative proposals for lifeboat decommissioning, including hard-to-dispose-of materials like composites. Working with LoToNo, RNLI is inviting engineers, technologists, researchers, designers and waste specialists from across Europe to work on this challenge.  This could be the start of a commercial relationship for you with the RNLI, and might offer business solutions for other industry sectors.
Industrial Decarbonisation and Energy Efficiency Roadmaps to 2050

These reports set out potential pathways for the eight most heat-intensive industrial sectors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency: iron and steel, chemicals, oil refining, food and drink, pulp and paper, cement, glass, and ceramics.

Probability, Uncertainty and Risk in the Environment (PURE) Knowledge Exchange Network

PURE is a new Knowledge Exchange Network and Research Programme.  Its aim is to be the leading national network bringing together researchers, industrialists, and policy-makers in uncertainty and risk for natural hazards, through collaborative working, knowledge exchange, and the development of best practice.  It will help to shape the direction of future research and provide valuable information to practitioners in environmental risk management.

REBus - Free Consultancy to Innovate Your Business Model and Make it More Profitable

The REBus programme is offering the opportunity for selected companies to get in-depth free support on circular economy business models and is now looking for a select group of approximately 20 small and medium sized organisations that have identified an opportunity but would benefit from assistance to turn it into a commercial reality.



Help Navigating Legal & Regulatory Hurdles to Circular Business Models

Is your company’s journey towards circular business models being hampered by legal or regulatory hurdles? If so, the UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA) would like to hear from you.

European Resource Hierarchy

A discussion paper introducing the idea of a new European Resource Hierarchy has been submitted to Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. The proposal is based upon a whole-life framework for the stewardship of national/global natural capital use throughout the productive economy.

Funding for a Low Carbon Business or Project?

Are you seeking capital for your low carbon or cleantech business? If so, you are invited to apply for ecoConnect's Greenbackers programme, to meet active, pre-qualified investors for equity funding from £100K to £5M.


There are 2 parts to the programme:


1) An online deal platform, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) compliant, a marketplace where you can post your investment profile to a growing community of UK and EU investors.


2) A Live Pitch, qualified investors eager to meet and hear from you personally. Held quarterly in London, this boardroom-style format provides an excellent opportunity for up to 5 selected entrepreneurs to present their investment propositions to a personally invited group of over 30 investors drawn from across the sector, including: Venture Capital Firms, Business Angels and Syndicates, Family Offices, Corporate Venturer Funds and Specialist Finance.

European Commission Published "Roadmap" for Revised Circular Economy Package
The European Commission has released a document detailing the rationale and objectives of the new circular economy package.  Although described as a roadmap, the document is actually more of a checklist to ensure that the proposed initiative aligns with the objectives of the new Commission.
Technology Challenge - Septicity in Sewerage Systems
Anglian Water is looking to address an increasingly common issue: that of septicity in sewage with extended residence times in wet wells and rising mains. If you believe that you have a solution to this problem that will reduce the transportation and use of chemicals then please get in touch via the Water Innovation Network which is working with Anglian to source appropriate technologies.
Survey on UK Proof of Concept Support
Innovate UK is undertaking a review of Proof of Concept funding for businesses and academia in the UK. To support this work Innovate UK first needs to establish a baseline for how different organisations and different sectors view what constitutes Proof of Concept, to understand what sources of Proof of Concept funding are available and to collect supporting data to understand how academia and businesses are using these funding sources. Please take the survey if you are involved with Proof of Concept Funding, or pass it on to relevant colleagues.
Water Talkers UKWIR Challenge
The Water Talkers project and platform is being run by UKWIR – UK Water Industry Research who want to get fresh insight and ideas from you, to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing water operators in the UK. They are trying to see what great ideas you might come up with and that the water companies could adopt. UKWIR want to understand why people feel the way they do about water, and how we can get everyone more interested in water related issues…so that we can encourage behaviour change for greater public good. 
IOM3 Energy Materials Lecture: Fusion Energy and the Materials Challenge, 3 June 2015
In 2018 the Join European Torus (JET) at Culham will attempt to break its own 16MW fusion power record.  This lecture will describe the physics progress behind this project. ITER - the international experiment being build in France - has been designed to achieve a full self sustained fusion burn. This will be the scientific demonstation that fusion is possible.  Attention is switching to a harder question - making fusion a practival source of electricity.  It is clear that fusion power will make huge demands on material performance.  These demands and the research that is ongoing to develop the first generation of fusion materials will be outlined.
Sustainability Conference on 10 June 2015

Join the BSI Sustainability Conference on Wednesday 10 June 2015 in London and hear all about the wide topic of product sustainability with updates on footprinting standards and initiatives, overview of activities, trending subjects, issues, needs and solutions around product sustainability, as well as an array of examples of products sustainability in action.


Capturing the ever-evolving nature of the discipline, learn and share your views throughout a day packed with high profile presentations, keynote addresses, updates from international initiatives, dynamic panel discussions, and a variety of impactful case studies. Have your burning questions answered by renowned subject experts, policy makers and thought leaders from across industry.

Recycling the 'Unrecyclable' - 2nd June
A new seminar for  2015, Recycling the ‘Unrecyclable’ aims to provide delegates with an exploration of new and exciting technologies and techniques that will add previously unrecyclable products  to the circular economy and help you meet the EU recycling targets. This is your opportunity to discover the cutting edge recycling technologies that you may be able to use in your business to increase the amount of material you recycle and to increase profits. Aimed at senior and middle managers from all parts of the plastics recycling supply chain this is your chance to network with your peers, share ideas and to make sure that you and your staff are briefed on the very latest recycling techniques.
Technology Inspired Innovation Competition is Now Open

Innovate UK is to invest up to £3 million in feasibility studies to stimulate innovation across four enabling technology areas that underpin future UK growth: advanced materials; biosciences; electronics, sensors and photonics; and information and communication technology (ICT).

The aim of this competition is to ensure that small and micro businesses in the UK are well positioned to respond to market opportunities across a range of economic sectors. Studies must be led by a business. Projects are open to companies of any size, but must be led by a small or micro company, working in collaboration with one or more business or research partners.

The deadline for applications is at noon on 9 September 2015. There will be a briefing day for potential applicants in London on 20 May 2015.

The World Waste to Energy City Summit
19th May, London
The 2015 World Waste to Energy City Summit, supported by KTN, brings together its best ever faculty of international waste management CEOs, developers, bankers, private equity financiers, technology providers and industrial end users. 
Responsible Business Summit 2015
18-19th May, London
This Summit is a one-stop shop for answers to the key issues and opportunities faced in sustainability. New for 2015 is the Summit's 4-tracked agenda, covering the hot topics in; CSR, communications, HR and supply chain.
From Waste Management to Circular Economy
19 May, Barcelona
This business matching event is giving UK companies in the recycling and recovery sector an opportunity to meet Spanish companies working towards the European Commission Zero Waste targets for 2030.
Product Redesign and New Materials for a Circular Business Model Workshop 
19 May, 18 June Exeter
These free workshops are designed for your business to develop your own commercial circular business model. They are part funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Centre for Alternative Materials and Remanufacturing Technologies (CALMARE).
IAgrE Landwards Conference 2015 - “Too Much or Too Little Water?
20 May, Newcastle
The conference will report and discuss: the latest information on the implications of climate change for UK agriculture; the current state of on-farm water management, highlighting where investment is needed; novel systems for water management; and actions required for effective development and deployment of new tools.
Energy Catalyst Webinar
20 May, Online
This Energy Catalyst competition briefing webinar is an excellent opportunity for you to receive first hand information about the competition - its scope, application process, key dates etc.
Call for Participants for Visit to Malaysia Webinar
21 May, Online
Innovate UK, in conjunction with the RCUK and the MIGHT, is launching a competition offering collaborative R&D funding. This webinar is to inform UK companies about the background of the visit and forthcoming competition which seeks to support the translation of excellent research into commercial solutions to meet the most critical challenges faced by Malaysia on its urbanisation journey.
XVth IWRA World Water Congress
25-29 May, Edinburgh
Join us at the XVth IWRA World Water Congress to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2015 where KTN will be exhibiting. The XVth World Water Congress will provide a platform for open discussions and debates among scientists, practitioners and policy makers from both developed and developing countries and from different disciplines and sectors. 
How to Set Up or Improve a Reuse System in Your Organisation
This event explores the financial, social and environmental benefits that are created by the reuse and repair of assets within organisations. 
Water Quality: Risks & Opportunities with SuDS Webinar
27 May, Online
This is a 7th Webinar in the series on Sustainable Drainage Design, with a guest speaker Jo Bradley from the Environment Agency who will cover a talk on 'Water Quality'.
Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst Round 4 Webinar
28 May, Online
The BBSRC, Innovate UK and the Engineering and EPSRC are to invest £40m in major integrated research and development projects through the Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst. This competition briefing webinar is an excellent opportunity for you to receive first hand information about the competition - its scope, application process, key dates etc.
ReNEW Your Approach to Resources in the Circular Economy
28 May, Brussels
ReNEW partnership has developed resource recovery technologies with the potential to create significant market value from waste streams. ReNEW invites you to explore the possibilities for collaboration in the field of waste valorisation.
Thirsty Energy: Achieving Water Efficiency in a Low Carbon World
28 May, London
Green in the City expert Debate on low carbon issues facing the water sector.
DFID/NERC Workshop: Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience
4 June, London
Wales Festival of Innovation
4-13 June, various locations
The Wales Festival of Innovation is set to highlight and showcase innovation  in Wales through a number of events, seminars, and workshops run by companies and academia.
Circular Economy in Horizon2020 Webinar
8 June, Online 
Hosted by the KTN’s Collaborations for a Circular Economy community, this webinar will provide a brief overview and orientation of the expected European funding opportunities in the 2016/17 Horizon2020 work programmes and details of support available.
Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst Engineering Focused Workshop
9 June, Manchester
Meet Innovate UK - Business Breakfast Event
10 June, Edinburgh
Innovate UK will be visiting Edinburgh to meet and talk with businesses in Scotland about innovation and to explain how the support that it offers can help you. This breakfast event is open to all businesses, large and small. 
Harwell Breakfast - Energy & Sustainability
11 June, Harwell
Eco Technology Show 2015
11-12 June, Brighton
Highlighting how embracing innovation in technology and low carbon solutions can save money and deliver genuine benefits to businesses, cities and communities on-going.
Open Source Circular Economy Days 2015
11 June, London
Air Quality Hackathon
13-14 June, London
Great Week Sustainability - World Expo 2015
15 June, Italy
UK AD & Biogas 2015
1 July, Birmingham
UK AD & Biogas 2015 is a free show at the NEC in Birmingham which features an R&D Hub within the main trade show. The Hub will highlight the value of R&D to AD businesses and talk about the exciting prospects for higher value products that could complement the AD process.
EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability 4th Annual Conference and Exhibition
6-7 July, Cambridge
At this Conference you will hear insights from cutting-edge industry practitioners, leading academic researchers and forward-thinking policymakers on factory efficiency, radical systems innovation, material efficiency, zero-waste manufacturing and much more.  See the impact from our new tools for sustainable businesses at the Conference Exhibition and network with other organisations helping to drive business change.
CPD Short Courses at Cranfield University
15 September, Birmingham
RWM 2015 focuses on Resource Efficiency and Waste Management Solutions. KTN is hosting a stand at the event where we give latest information about Innovate UK and its support for the waste industry and the wider circular economy. KTN will also contribute to both the theatre and workshop events to promote latest awards from both circular economy and value from waste competitions.
Innovate UK 2015
9-10 November, London
Supported by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and hosted by Innovate UK and UKTI, this two-day event will once again bring together 3,000 of the UK’s most exciting innovators with investors, global corporates and the research base. KTN will be part of this crucial event in the innovation calendar and would like to invite you to save the date!

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