Call for SPIRE - Sustainable Process Industries (SPIRE-06-2015)

Deadline Date 04-02-2015 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

Total Call Budget €75,170,000

Topic: Energy and resource management systems for improved efficiency in the process industries

Specific challenge: manufacturing sustainability has been improved considerably in environmental, economic and social terms, by sharing resources (e.g. plants, energy, water, residues and recycled materials) through the integration of multiple production units of a single company or multiple companies on a single industrial production site. Nevertheless, a more general cross-sectorial interaction is needed for a major impact within the process industry. This could take a long time to achieve and the aim is to pave the way for future cross-sectorial interactions and potentialities in the development of holistic measurements and activities.

Currently, poor understanding of each other's processes is hindering the development of technical and non-technical interactions and exchanges, which are necessary for industry to properly face the challenges.

Scope: Projects should enable the implementation of a broad variety of technologies, encompassing a wide range of disciplines, such as fundamental science, and plant engineering and management. The integration into a single management system of all these environmental, energy and economic factors is key for the improvement in efficiency of the process industries.

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