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SusChem is a European Technology Platform bringing together industry, academia and society. Its mission is to initiate and inspire European chemical and biochemical innovation to respond effectively to society's challenges.

Its vision is a competitive and innovative Europe where sustainable chemistry provides solutions for future generations, based upon pre-eminent knowledge levels in Europe, coming together in a collaborative public-private, pre-competitive collaboration framework.

Through increasing knowledge of how to modify and use matter at the molecular level, including use of biotechnology and nanotechnology, the aspiration is a future in which chemical research and innovation brings new, safe, high performance products and services rapidly to market, which allow society ‘to do more with less' and at a minimal impact on the environment.

SusChem facilitates, inspires and leads collaborative research and innovation projects and programmes to fulfil the requirements of agreed roadmaps. It works to ensure that the knowledge generated is effectively transformed into innovative products and services for the benefit of society, in close collaboration with Public parties at EU and National levels, to effectively bridge the ‘valley of death' for innovation.

SusChem is a member of the Resource and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REP) that brings together more than 10 major industrial sectors in Europe. Using its collective expertise REP has proposed a major Research and Innovation Public-Private Partnership (PPP) called Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (SPIRE).

SPIRE has the objective to develop the enabling technologies and solutions along the value chain that are required to reach long-term sustainability in our process industries. To achieve this SPIRE brings together large corporate, top-level academics and high-tech SMEs to create multi-disciplinary and cross-sector breakthrough technologies. The initiative will also work with public and private bodies to promote uptake of new solutions and adapt business models to embrace resource efficiency.

Specifically SPIRE aims to reduce fossil energy intensity the process industries in Europe by 30% by 2030 and reduce non-renewable, primary raw material intensity by 20% by the same date compared to current use. Together these objectives will significantly shrink the carbon footprint of the process industry.

Sustainable chemistry solutions will be at the heart of the enabling technologies that SPIRE develops and SusChem will take a leading role in directing and contributing to this ambitious PPP programme.

SusChem also supports the BioBased Industries PPP. This PPP, led by EuropaBio, will be crucial in supporting the developing of a bio-based chemical industry in Europe.

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