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A little more about Patrick...

A Revolution In Human Emotion Through Artificial Intelligence, Emoshape Ltd is dedicated to providing powerful emotional technology.

Emoshape announces to have started the prototyping of the first Emotions Processing Unit – EPU on DSP in the prototyping of a first generation of processor representing a significant advancement for the purpose of Artificial Intelligence Devices and Technologies

Close your eyes and imagine a technology to teach objects how to interact with humans in order to yield a favorable result. Emoshape technology will present a new leap for artificial intelligence on all fronts especially in the realm of smart phones, toys, robots, computers, and other major electronic devices with applications in Artificial Intelligence, Medical, Biometrics, Financial, Defense, Gaming and Advertising.

What is EmoSPARK?
The first Artificial Intelligence Home Console - it's a translucent, android powered Wi-Fi/Bluetooth cube that allows users to create and interact with an emotionally concise intelligence through conversation, music, and visual media. Over time, the cube creates a customized Emotional Profile Graph (EPG) which collects and measures a unique emotional input from the user. The EPG allows the cube to virtually “feel” senses such as pleasure and pain; and “expresses” those desires according to the user. Emo Spark will take not only gaming, but also your TV, smart phone or computer to an entirely different level from anything ever experienced before.