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Sunamp is an innovation leader in the field of Thermal Storage. 


Phase Change Material heat storage has long been accepted as offering high Energy Density however its use in active systems (for instance Domestic Hot Water) has suffered from under-performance in Power. 


Under a TSB Technology Inspired Innovation award Sunamp conducted a rapid feasibility study of High Power Heat Batteries. This was extremely succesful, indicating that the high power levels neccesary to deliver Domestic Hot Water could be satisfied from extremely compact Heat Batteries, opening up significant potential markets.


Sunamp Heat Batteries are around three to four times as energy dense as hot water tanks in most applications. For applications with very narrow temperature ranges they can exceed ten-fold compactness advantage.


Subsequent R&D under a Scottish Government SMART grant has indicated feasibility for systems incorporating heat pumps combined with multiple PCM Heat Batteries at different temperatures. Sunamp refers to this combination as a Heat Store and Processor (HSP).


Early indications are that HSP's will have strong thermodynamic  and packaging (compact and shapeable) for applications such as:

  • Solar Thermal Hot Water: modelling shows Solar Fractions up to 90% could be achieved
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Off-Peak and Demand-Managed Heat Pumping
  • Automotive Applications

The automotive applications are subject of a recently awarded IDP6 Low Carbon Vehicles Feasibility Study: Range Extension and Reduced Emissions via Heat Energy Augmentation and Thermal Storage (RE-RE-HEATS). This will consider the feasibility of using Sunamp HSP technology for both:

  • Storing heat from one cycle of an ICE vehicle to optimise cold-start in the next cycle
  • Innovative ways to use thermal storage to optimise range in an electric vehicle (please contact for further information)

Sunamp welcomes OEM engagement from:

  • Automotive OEMs and suppliers
  • HVAC OEMs (Building and Automotive)
  • Anyone requiring more compact or higher power thermal energy storage

Sunamp is also a participant in TSB Collaborative R&D project H-Store. This project has the potential to lead to the development of next generation Heat Batteries with 2-4 times further improvement in performance.