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Steely Eye Digital Media is a mobile agency, based in London.
Run by experienced people in the mobile field from tens of years, Steely Eye Digital Media targets all the mobile platforms, including Apple devices, Android, Blackberry, BREW, J2Me, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile ones.
With one in-house design team and two development teams (one in London, one off-shore), the company has all it's needed to build real mobile experiences for renowned brands and businesses.
Clients include brands from the publishing field, a luxury automotive company, a famous UK fashion brand, a UK corporate in gaming/gambling, a major online travel company, and many others.
Marketing agencies require our consultancy services to help them draft the most cost-effective mobile strategies and cross-platforms campaigns for their clients.
Steely Eye's products have been downloaded and used by millions of consumers around all the world. 
The design team has a huge experience in creating UI and draft mobile user experiences, complying with brands' guidelines and requirements. Their background include webdesign, branding, awarded graphic works.
Our development team has already exploited all the most interesting features on the new devices: geo-location, augmented reality, voip, gps and maps, multi-touch, accelerometer and so on.
Understanding the customers' need is the first step of a process where every measure is taken to ensure that the final product is the most effective tool to engage final users. That's how we create our products: with solid programming bases and rich, creative touch.
Provided with high quality and competitive prices, both clients and final users are always satisfied. The mission is accomplished: create astonishing MOBILE EXPERIENCES, either on native applications, widgets or mobile websites.
Steely Eye Digital Media is more than a digital agency and more than a development company. 
Steely Eye people think and speak in the mobile language.