Welcome to the SME support group run by the Chemistry Community of KTN Ltd. The information and tools that you will find on this group such as the toolkit below, aim to support companies, in particular SME's active in the ‘chemistry-using' sector.

This toolkit provides useful business information aimed at helping you and your business overcome market barriers. The toolkit takes the form of a Prezi which contains essential business skill information with links to useful documentation, informative websites and on-line interactive tools; all are relevant for the specific needs of companies who operate (or wish to operate) in the chemical sector.

This Prezi presented toolkit allows you to 'cherry-pick' the information of importance to your business at ease by selecting the areas of interest at the click of a button. The topics contained within the Prezi include:

Business Plan * Market Research * Patents & Intellectual Property * Employment Law * Marketing * Open Innovation * Exporting * Access to Finance * Lifecycle Assessment * Knowledge Transfer Network Assistance

How to use the SME ASSITANCE Prezi

  • The Prezi is displayed in the middle of the screen
  • To activate the Prezi press the Start Prezi icon in the middle of the screen
  • You will now see the active navigable Prezi (preview screen)
  • Pick the topic of interest to you within a bracket and zoom in to read the detail by clicking the bracket once
  • You can drill down further by clicking within any internal bracket
  •  Web links are accessed by clicking on the hyperlink which will open the web page as a new tab
  • To go back one layer press the down arrow on the keyboard
  •  To return to the preview screen, hover the curser over the Prezi towards the middle right and a home icon will be displayed which will take you back to the preview screen if clicked


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