Past Smart Materials Events

Below is a list of past smart materials sector events. Presentations from some of these events are available for members of the Materials Community to download

Cleaning up Antifouling

29 April 2010 - IMarEst, London

Expanding Materials for Healthcare - Opportunities for Auxetics

08 February 2011, IOM3, London

Intelligent Energy Harvesting - Strategies for Utilising Harvested Energy

5 May 2011, IOM3, London

Smart Solutions for Anti-microbials in Healthcare

26 May 2011, IOM3, London

Building Intelligence - Smart Sensing for People and Structures

18th September 2011, IOM3, London

Antimicrobial Hard Surfaces - the need for suitable standards

28th February 2012, IOM3, London

Commercialising Hidden Technologies

19th June 2012, IOM3, London

Polymers in Energy Harvesting

29th June 2012, IOM3, London

Antimicrobial Hard Surface Standards - Telephone Workshop

13th July 2012

Auxetic Technology in Improving Healthcare

4th September 2012, De Vere Whites, Bolton

Printed Self-Ameliorating Technology for Aircraft Structures

26th September 2012, AMRC, Sheffield

Structural Power

13th November 2012, Defence Academy, Shrivenham

Defence Technologies

20th February 2013. Begbroke Park, Oxford

Emerging Smart Technologies

22nd July 2013, National Physical laboratory, Teddington

Auxetics as an emerging smart technology

10th December 2013, IOM3, London

Metamaterials as emerging smart technologies

11th December 2013, IOM3, London

Energy Harvesting for Designers

16th January 2014, ROCA Centre, London

Smart Coatings

22nd January 2014, CPI, Sedgefield

Smart Materials Showcase for Designers

11th February 2014, IOM3, London

Smart hybrid and muliple materials

9th September 2014, IOM3, London

8th October 2014, Webinar