Energy Harvesting for Designers


In order to develop energy harvesting technologies and to look at more human centred applications there is a need to raise their awareness to designers. As an industry that is looking towards technologies and materials for future innovation in consumer facing products the incorporation into new designs will drive the innovation and develop the technology further. In running a workshop with designers we can identify their needs and help them understand what the technology can deliver resulting in a greater number of applications.
This workshop was part of the initiative for the Energy Harvesting Special Interest Group, undertaken by the Materials KTN to explore how to better communicate energy harvesting with the creative industries. It follows an initial project  to develop design concepts that could address the use of new materials for harvesting energy in technology used in the home. 
The aims of the workshop were to:
  • raise awareness of the opportunities for designers around energy harvesting through case studies and expert presentations
  • provide a forum for designers to identify information needs in this in this area 
  • inform the development of a guidance document to build capacity of the design sector to understand energy harvesting technology and how to apply it in new designs.

There were a number of presentations as follows:

Steve Morris, Energy Harvesting SIG  & Chris Lefteri, Chris Lefteri Design
Paul Weaver, National Physical Laboratory
Gao Min, Cardiff University
Dave Worsley, University of Swansea
Ed Money, Pavegen Systems
There is a report of the event that details the discussions and the proposed next steps.