Commercialising Hidden Technologies

Smart Materials Sector of Materials KTN held a one day workshop on Thursday 19th June at the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining to look at how organisations involved in the development of technologies for defence and security commercialise these technologies.

It is apparent that some process is in place in organisations such as QinetiQ and BAE Systems as well as Dstl (through Ploughshare Innovations) to look at commercial opportunities for technologies developed for the defence and security market. How does the process work and what about the technologies that are not seen as having a commercial market? Are they left on a shelf? Are they evaluated at a later date? Can SME's and other organisations access them to see if they might be suitable in an new and emerging market or technology?

We heard from a number of the key organisations in this market and from an SME and a Catapult to hear how they might seek to commercialise technology.

The following presentations from the day are available for download for members:

Prioritising emerging technologies
Tim Leeder, Programme Manager - Emerging Technologies & Industries. Technology Strategy Board

“Commercialising Hidden Technology from Dstl”
Toby Proctor, Technology Transfer Executive, Ploughshare Innovations

“QinetiQ IP”
Dr Peter Girow, Director Intellectual Property, QinetiQ

“Commercialising IP in a Defence Contractor”
Stewart Penney, Technology Commercialisation Manager, BAE Systems

“Commercialising IP in a Catapult”
Professor Alma Hodzic, Director of Advanced Manufacturing Institute, Advanced Manufacturing Park, Sheffield
Unfortunately a copy of the presentation is not avavilable but a brief summary can be read in the event report.

“Commercialising IP in an SME”
Richard Kirk, Managing Director, Polyphotonix

“Open Innovation”
Neil Stansfield, Dstl

Unfortunately a copy of the presentation is not avavilable but a brief summary can be read in the event report.

A report of the event is available to members for download.

The next step is the organisation of 2 events to bring together SME's with the organisations involved in defence and security technolgy development to discuss needs in 2 specific technology areas. Details of these events will be posted soon but if you would like to register your interest please contact Steve Morris.