Cleaning up Antifouling - 29 April 2010


The global market for marine antifouling coatings is around €1bn, representing 80,000 tonnes of paint per annum. After six months, a ship without antifouling can use 40% more fuel due to additional hull drag from fouling. The IMO Convention banning the effective but environmentally damaging tributyl tin antifouling coatings came into force in 2008. The last decade has therefore seen extensive and very diverse research into developing effective alternatives. These include nano-structured surfaces, immobilised bacteria in coatings, hydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings, algal extracts which inhibit bacterial settlement and many others.

This event was held on 29 April at IMarEst, London. The presentations from the event are available for members of the Materials KTN to view and download by clicking on the links below.

Cleaning up Marine Antifouling – Materials KTN Report

The Materials KTN has commissioned a state-of-the-art review of antifouling technologies, market needs, legislation and UK and international research capability. This also includes a summary report of the event on 29 April 2010 and is available to download here in PDF format. Members only



Introduction and challenges PDF 2.2MB
Dr Raouf Kattan, Safinah
Understanding marine fouling and assessing antifouling approaches PDF 7.4MB
Dr Simon Dennington, University of Southampton
Challenges in developing antifouling coatings PDF 3.5MB
Dr David Williams, International Paint (Akzo Nobel)
Novel low energy coatings PDF 1.9MB
Dr Alan Taylor, TWI
Developing and using improved biocidal substances and techniques for the antifouling industry PDF 140KB
Dr Jack Poppleton, Arch UK Biocides
PACVD-deposited silicon oxides as antibiofouling coatings PDF 2.3MB
Dr Parnia Navabpour, Teer Coatings
‘Sonihull’ - Ultrasonic antifouling, the eco friendly alternative PDF 4.2MB
Darren Rowlands, NRG Marine 
Green antifouling coatings; encapsulated 'protective' bacteria  within sol-gel matrices PDF 3.6MB
Prof Bob Akid & Dr Tom Smith, Sheffield Hallam University
Marine antifouling systems – Class rules and regulations PDF 2.3MB
Dr Jian-Zhong Zhang, Lloyd’s Register