Building Intelligence - Smart Sensing for People and Structures

The series will have 3 different themes focused on smart buildings:

  • Buildings or structures which interact with or monitor the occupants
  • Detection of loads or damage in the structure
  • Adaptive architecture

There will be a speaker to introduce each of the meetings and then delegates will have the opportunity to participate in an open discussion on the topic as well as networking with other delegates.


In the first meeting it was planned to consider smartness to aid independence with developments in sensing systems and signal processing inexorably moving away from laboratories and the workplace into domestic surroundings. It might therefore be envisaged that dwellings could monitor the activities of occupants:

  • Care of the elderly - motion and gait sensing
  • Health sensing - Temperature, breathing, heart rate

The technology and medical development requirements in addition to the timescales will be considered in terms of the materials needs.

The speaker for this first event was Professor Heinz Wolff who gave a very thought provoking presentation concerning the care of an ageing population with a presentation entitled “Off the shelf can also be smart”. Not perhaps a need for lots of technical and innovative solutions for monitoring people but a need for innovative ways of offering the care and support that older people need.

The presentation is available as is a brief report on the evening.