Why join the Materials Community's Smart and Emerging Technologies Group?


Reasons to engage

Materials Community's Smart and Emerging Technologies Group members will have access to the latest developments in materials technology. They will be guided to the best UK scientific and manufacturing facilities to research and apply new materials developments, and find funding.

Members will be able to debate, online, the future of materials technology in a secure forum with like-minded people.

Through the activities of our groups in Composites; Smart Materials; Metals and Alloys; Transport; Polymers; Powders; Technical Textiles and Design – the Materials Community provides opportunities for technology transfer and the exchange of knowledge.

Access to information

The Materials Community website provides access to the latest technological knowledge and international discoveries on materials. The Materials Community has dedicated groups for each class of material e.g. metals, composites, plastics, ceramics, minerals, technical textiles and smart materials. There are groups for cross-cutting technologies used to process materials such as surface engineering, powder processing and structural integrity and others for applications including construction, packaging, energy and transport.


The Materials Community and its network groups advise businesses and academics on routes to funding, assist with applications for financial support and help set up consortia for R&D projects.


Regular events, conferences and online meeting tools provide an opportunity to meet new customers or partners and to find alternative routes to develop and commercialise technology.