Manufacturing is a key component of the UK economy, contributing around 11% of GDP to place UK in the top ten manufacturing nations.  The rise in global competition is forcing UK manufacturers to increase productivity, move up value chains and continually demonstrate differentiation in business offerings, performance and cost.

The development of new or improved processes and products typically involves many stages and requires extensive, time-consuming, prototyping activities.  Physical representations of a design are currently needed to demonstrate performance, however, an increasing ability to use Simulation and Modelling to establish predicted values can reduce the number of physical prototypes required and offers many opportunities.

Simulation and Modelling technologies are currently used in many UK industry sectors, although the range and complexity of their integration with design and manufacturing practices differs widely.  There are many challenges to be overcome to build confidence such that manufacturing companies will adopt and integrate new practices and fully exploit the potential of virtualization.

To address these challenges a project has been funded to establish the current best practice in industry and find the state-of-the-art in Simulation and Modelling. These results will be made available to industry to enhance knowledge and encourage increased use of simulation and modelling.  This activity will be supported by workshops and training materials.

Project Objectives:

  • To enable new and struggling users of simulation and modelling tools to learn from experienced users, both to understand the benefits, and how to use them to achieve benefits.
  • To identify the state-of-the-art and future developments in simulation and modelling so that experienced users can progress their use of these tools, and achieve even greater productivity in their design and manufacturing.

For an overview of the project go to the replay of the NAFEMS Webinar
 NAFEMS Webinar Replay

New and noteworthy

Slides from EPSRC, KTN, Innovate UK State of Art Workshop - 16th July 2015

Background The intention of this workshop was to identify the state of the art and future developments in simulation and modelling for engineering design so that: Experienced users...

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Simulation and Modelling Best Practices in HVM

Simulation Best Practices


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A little about Simulation Best Practices

This group aims to provide a focus for Simulation and Modelling in HVM. It will collect information on best practices in current use and the state-of-the-art being developed to enable new users to start and/or improve their use of these tools.

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