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The energy supply continues to rely on traditional sector but the current push for innovation and growth in the solar energy sector is affecting the degree of this reliance. Solar energy is moving into the heart of the energy mix, technologies are reaching different stages of maturity and competitiveness for small and large-scale generation and supply. Intermittency is being addressed together with complementary developments in energy storage, such as batteries, thermal storage, and production of solar fuels.

The development of solar energy sector provides a sustainable basis for powering the UK's economy and a foundation for further growth. The sector has shown the potential to create millions of jobs, new business models and opportunities. Solar development is influenced not only by technology and economics, but also by policy, politics and public opinion. European Commission, picking up the strong focus on solar, has directed its investment plan towards leadership in photovoltaics (PV), solar thermal (ST) and concentrated solar power (CSP), as these are crucial in contributing to decarbonisation. 

Technological innovation − more effective products, processes, services or ideas available to markets and society are being demonstrated and commercialised locally. The value of solar is increasing as we go forward and joined up support for larger deployment of solar energy systems is definitely a key to an essential component of any serious strategy to mitigate climate change.

This Special Interest Group builds a new community and investigates key innovation needs across a whole supply chain for solar energy systems, identifies opportunities for the UK investment, and engages internationally through the Newton Fund, Horizon 2020 and the Clean & Cool initiative of the Innovate UK.

Feel free to join us in this collaborative work and gain insight into the evolving solar economy in the UK.


The full-text Solar Energy Systems Value Chain Report can be viewed in Documents.


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A little about Solar Energy Systems Special Interest Group

The Solar Energy Systems SIG, over a period of 2 years, will build a new community and investigate the supply chain opportunities for Innovate UK investment, support ongoing DECC Solar Innovation activity and facilitate international engagement through the Horizon 2020 programmes and the Clean & Cool initiative of Innovate UK.