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Energy Catalyst - Pre-commercial technology validation - Round 3

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The Energy Catalyst - Round 3 competition, run by Innovate UK, is open from 30 April 2015 to innovative businesses and researchers from any sector who can address the three major challenges facing the energy sector - the energy ‘trilemma' of reducing emissions, improving security of supply and reducing cost. Funding of up to £10m is available for the third round:
  • Late-stage awards: Pre-commercial technology validation
The Energy Catalyst will support businesses and researchers from any sector, who can deliver innovative solutions that contribute to all elements of the energy trilemma. Renewable energy including Solar (Photovoltaics, Thermal and Concentrated) are within the scope of the Energy Catalyst. For full information on the scope, funding and the application process, please follow the competition website.  

The deadline for registration for late-stage awards is noon 2 September 2015 and the deadline for expressions of interest is noon 9 September 2015