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Technology inspired innovation - May 2015 - Photovoltaics in scope

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Technology inspired innovation - May 2015 - Advanced materials competition, run by Innovate UK, is now open for registration. This competition aims to support small and micro businesses in the UK to make sure they are well positioned to respond to market opportunities across a range of economic sectors. Projects are open to companies of any size, but must be led by a small or micro company, working in collaboration with one or more business or research partners....read detailed information about competition.

Projects within a scope of Materials for Energy should address: 
  • Materials for high-durability energy generation at small scale (such as energy harvesting and micro-generation) and large scale (photovoltaics, 'clean' technologies, carbon abatement technologies, catalysts/fuel cells, solid-state and magnetic materials)
  • Materials for cheaper and more efficient energy storage and management (chemical, biological, electrochemical, electrical, mechanical or thermal)
  • Materials for minimising energy, power and thermal loss during energy transmission and distribution
Up to £3 million funding is available for feasibility studies to stimulate development of enabling technologies.

If you are interested in this funding opportunity and would like to participate in the competition, please follow the competition website with information on how to submit your application by the deadline at noon on 9 September 2015.

For queries about this competition, please contact: support@innovateuk.gov.uk0300 321 4357