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Transnational SOLAR-ERA.NET Calls PV3 and CSP3

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  • Status: Open
  • Key features: To increase transnational cooperation between RTD and innovation programmes and to contribute to achieving the objectives of the Solar Europe Industry Initiative (SEII) through dedicated transnational activities.
  • Programme: International Programme
  • Budget: 12 million EURO
  • Opens: 10 December 2014
  • Deadlines: 27 March 2015 (1st stage), 8 September 2015 (2nd stage)
  • Closes: early 2016
SOLAR-ERA.NET launched its third set of transnational calls PV3 and CSP3 on 10 December 2014. 

SOLAR-ERA.NET is a network bringing together more than 20 RTD and innovation programmes in the field of solar electricity technologies in the European Research Area. Launching joint calls covering topics in photovoltaics (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) is the key activity of SOLAR-ERA.NET.

Innovative project proposals are sought on transnational level between different European countries strengthening the competitive position of the European solar power industry. 17 countries and regions participate in these calls with an overall funding budget of some 12 million EURO. Deadline for submitting preproposals is 27 March 2015, 17:00 CET. Organisations interested in submitting preproposals must get in touch with their national / regional contact points.

The following topics are within scope of the third transnational call:
SOLAR-ERA.NET transnational call PV3:
  • PV3.1 Innovative processes for inorganic thin-film cells & modules
  • PV3.2 Dedicated modules for BIPV design and manufacturing
  • PV3.3 Grid integration and large-scale deployment of PV
  • PV3.4 High-efficiency PV modules based on next generation c-Si solar cells
  • PV3.5 Solar glass and encapsulation materials
  • PV3.6 Concentrator PV technology
  • PV3.7 Si feedstock, crystallization and wafering
  • PV3.8 Organic solar cells, perovskites and other emerging concepts 
SOLAR-ERA.NET transnational call CSP3:
  • CSP3.1 Cost reduction and efficiency increase in components
  • CSP3.2 Dispatchability through storage and hybridisation 
  • CSP3.3 New heat transfer media for CSP plants 
  • CSP3.4 Innovative thermodynamic cycles
Looking for a partner or wishing to present a project idea? Join the webinar taking place on 10 February 2015 at 12:00 CET / 11:00 GMT. Further information can be found in presentation (video.mp4).

RE: Transnational SOLAR-ERA.NET Calls PV3 and CSP3
12/01/15 12:31 as a reply to Gabriela Salejova.
If you want to see the guidance for applicants for this competition you can find it here, http://www.solar-era.net/files/2814/2079/4860/SOLAR_ERA_NET_Transnational_Calls3_Guidelines_vs20150108.pdf

RE: Transnational SOLAR-ERA.NET Calls PV3 and CSP3
26/01/15 13:30 as a reply to Gabriela Salejova.
For those wishing to present their project ideas and develop new partnerships through 3-minute pitch at the SOLAR-ERA.NET webinar on 10 February, please note that you can now register your interest here

RE: Transnational SOLAR-ERA.NET Calls PV3 and CSP3
02/02/15 17:31 as a reply to Gabriela Salejova.

Interested in the third SOLAR-ERA.NET call? Want to find new partners across Europe? Interested in presenting your ideas? Then the SOLAR-ERA.NET webinar is for you!


This interactive webinar will be structured through 3 minute pitching slots for interested organisations to present their project ideas and partner requirements. The objective of the webinar is to offer the opportunity of developing new partnerships and ideas before the preproposal stage closes on 27th March, 2015. There will be 15 slots to present and this will be offered on a first submitted, first serve basis (you can submit your slides here to guarantee a pitching slot). Pitches will be limited to 3 per country. Please note: the webinar will start at 12 noon GMT, which is 1pm CET.