S&I Magazines

Edition One of the S&I Magazine Contains:

  • Sensors - the key change agent driving current disruptive technologies
  • The Internet of Sensors
  • Sensors and Instrumentation News
  • The Sensors and Instrumentation Community
  • Food Sensors
  • Medical Sensors
  • Micro and Nanosensors
  • Six Ways the Internet of things and Sensors will Change Our Lives

Edition Two of the S&I Magazine Contains:

  • The Case For a New Sensors Technology Centre in the UK
  • Forensic Science: The Innovation Database
  • Science: Bringing TV Fiction into Reality
  • Biosensors for Health
  • Aerospace Sensors
  • ISP41
  • Smart Packaging
  • Plastic Electronics
  • Wearable Sensors
  • Micro & Nano Directory
  • Horizons

Other S&I Publications

UK Sensing Technologies for Contamination in Food

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) publishes data which shows a worrying – and increasing - amount of complaints due to contamination in food and drink. Complaints have risen year on year driven by numerous factors such as more mechanized process chain, higher consumer awareness, and more readily available and thorough testing equipment. 

Physical contamination of food and drink from well-established food industry materials such as metal , plastic and glass still manage to evade the carefully constructed safety mechanisms established to trap them - frustrating manufacturers. Reported Incidents of contamination cause recalls of a product,  costing money and severely harm food companies reputation - devastating to an industry who rely on consumer confidence. This problem is complicated given the varied and ever-increasing variety of materials which are able to find their way into the food production chain. 

This report looks at the technologies, and inhibiting factors existing in the sensing for contamination sphere.

UK Sensor Community Mapping

This report looks at key UK statistics for the UK Sensor and Instrumentation Community as a whole, but also for the BIS identified communities of:

  • Biosensors for the Life Sciences Sector
  • Sensors for the Defence and Security Sector
  • Sensors for the Transport (Including Automotive) Sector
  • Sensors for the Aerospace Sector