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UK Sensors Community Mapping Report Published!


The Sensors and Instrumentation Community has compiled a report on the activities and capabilities of the UK Sensors and Instrumentation Community. Four key sectors in the UK economy has been analysed. These sectors are:

  • Life Sciences
  • Transport (including automotive)
  • Defence and security
  • Aerospace

Input for this report has been through a large community assessment and feedback from key stakeholders. The report looks at key information such as:

  • Market overview 
  • Innovation statistics, including patent information
  • Current trends
  • Metrics as % of UK economy
  • Geographical spread of sensor companies
  • Competition analysis
  • Strength, opportunities, weakness and threats to growth
  • Suggestions for Government intervention

Who is it for?

The indended audience for this report include:

  • Policy makers at BIS, UKTI and local agencies seeking to promote UK innovation, business and sustainable employment via regulation, R&D support or other intervention
  • Research support agencies
  • Businesses seeking guidance regaring investment opportunities

To access the report - click on the infographic below


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