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Innovation in Livestock Buildings workshop - 27th Oct, Edinburgh


Livestock housing, especially where livestock are intensively reared, are increasingly important to the profitability of businesses. Scientific and technological advances in the understanding of livestock’s requirements (e.g. nutrition, environment, social interaction) and therefore the suitable control of such requirements are quickly evolving. With the increased acceptance of using newly developed technology on-farm, new systems are being constantly developed, but separately and many are not easy to integrate.

There is a need to link up the needs of the end-user and livestock with innovators from many areas, and we propose to use this workshop as a means for joined up thinking from the initiation of housing (re)design, incorporating as a appropriate new advances in e.g. sensors, environmental control, biosecurity, lighting, hygiene, water, health, nutrition (including feeding systems), robotics, water supply and usage, retail planning, and waste.

This workshop will stimulate collaborative activity between several KTN sectors: Agriculture, Food, Manufacturing, Materials, Sensors & Electronics, Design, Construction, Water, Sustainable Energy, and Robotics & Autonomous Systems.


To encourage collaboration and understanding between several sectors in thinking about the future requirements of livestock building design and construction through:

·      Outlining and understanding the problems and innovation needs of the livestock industry going forward

·      Outlining some of the broad range of technologies and understanding that exists that could address these needs

·      Interaction of the various sectors to discuss problems and potential solutions, leading to exploration of collaboration and innovation opportunities.


·      New interactions between several communities around livestock

·      New applications for funding, including the Innovate UK Health & Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Materials, Emerging & Enabling Technologies, Infrastructure Systems and Open competitions

·      New collaborative activity and projects


·      KTN being recognised as having a key role in encouraging improved cross-sector interaction and innovation at the interface between several communities

·      Greater collaborative and cross-sector working amongst KTN teams


·      Livestock building companies which may act as co-developers and end users

·      Sensor, environmental control, biosecurity, lighting, hygiene, water, health, nutrition (including feeding systems), robotics, water supply and usage, retail planning, and waste organisations which may have the technology or understanding to develop solutions which could potentially be applied in future livestock buildings

·      Organisations with an understanding of the complex needs of housed livestock

Programme & Format

The day could include:

·      Longer keynote presentations from invited speakers who are well respected and who could outline:

o   Overview of the challenges and opportunities for innovation in livestock housing (potentially split into sub-sectors by e.g. species)

o   Overview of current and in-development technologies and understanding which could augment and improve livestock housing (potentially split across several sectors)

·      Pitch presentations – short 5 minute presentations from delegates who would like to outline particular challenges they have, or technology solutions they could offer

·      Case studies (if appropriate)

·      A talk on funding opportunities and how KTN can help

·      Networking sessions designed to encourage new collaborations


To Register for attending the workshop please complete an online registration at


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