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Hurry! Have Your Say Count: Sensor Systems Catapult - evidence collection

The UK has a growing network of Catapult Centres ( Each Catapult is established to meet an Industrial need.

The UK Sensor Systems Landscape

The general trend of increased connectivity of devices and equipment, as well as increasing automation, has led to an increasing need for sensors to understand the state of the physical world.

UK sensor expertise is centred on academic expertise and an innovative industry sector.
With over 80% of the industrial base being SMEs, a catalyst to accelerate growth is needed to increase market penetration, technical development and growth.
A Sensor Systems Catapult would be a facility that pulls together experts and businesses from across the Sensor Systems domain allowing collaboration and acceleration of sensor-based solutions.

We want to understand how a Sensor Systems Catapult could be successful and provide benefits for its collaborators, experts and businesses.
Please help us to do this by giving us details about how a Sensor Systems Catapult might impact your business.

The link to this survey is:
(Note: The response to Q1 is optional - we will only publish anonymised results.)

Thank you for your assistance
Nigel Rix, Head of Enabling Technologies, KTN<

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