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Funding available for photonic sensing: Photonics Based Sensing ERA-NET Cofund

PhotonicSensing is a joint initiative between European regions, supported by the EU. The call's aim is to accelerate the development and implementation of photonics based sensing technologies and therefore further improve the European market share in this domain. It is organised as a competition for funding and will be implemented jointly by the participating national and regional funding bodies from the following countries and regions:

  • Austria
  • Flanders Region (Belgium)
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Turkey
  • Tuscany Region (Italy)
  • United Kingdom

It is expected to fund a mixture of small and large projects, with total costs typically in the range of €0.5m to €4m. Each R&D Project shall consist minimum of two separate legal partners from at least two different participating countries and/or regions. Projects must be collaborative, application-oriented and pre-competitive.

The call adresses most relevant sensing technologies with a high impact on the human life. Therefore the scope of the call includes the following application areas:

  • Safety including food safety
  • Civil security
  • Manufacturing / production
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Medical applications

In addition, cross-sectoral approaches between medical and e. g. security, food and water safety or environmental applications may be proposed. The objective of this call is therefore to strengthen the research and development of photonic techniques for the technology readiness levels (TRL) 3-6.

Procedure and key dates

For the implementation of the call a two-stage procedure will be applied: 

The deadline for the pre-proposal submission is 5 December 2016 (17:00 CET).

The deadline for the full proposal submission is 29 March 2017 (17:00 CET).

The submission of a full proposal is only valid after the previous submission of a pre-proposal. All proposals must be submitted online via the online submission tool.

Organisations that are looking for people to partner with, can add their profile on the following website:

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