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EPSRC CDT in Intelligent* Sensing and Measurement

In September 2016 EPSRC welcomed thirteen new recruits to their CDT in Intelligent Sensing and Measurement.  The new students, with backgrounds in Physics, Engineering, Chemistry and industry are receiving cross-disciplinary training leading to PhDs of EngDs in biomedical sensing, computational imaging, bendable sensors, chemical sensing, micro-engineered sensors and quantum sensing. They attend specialist courses in the fundamentals and applications of Sensing and Measurement at Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities, followed by projects in industry and university research groups.

They are now seeking new collaborations with industry across a range of activities through research, internships and shared training. You may also be interested in attending or contributing to one of their conferences, either in person in Glasgow or Edinburgh or at your own desk through a webinar. Forthcoming conferences include a conference on Precision Measurement across all physical domains on 7th December. 

For more information on the CDT-ISM please contact them by email, by telephone or see their web page.

*Formally they are the EPSRC CDT in Integrative Sensing and Measurement, but they aim to be both ‘Intelligent’ and ‘integrative’

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