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"Sensing The Air We Breathe" Event on 15th November in Glasgow

Sensing The Air We Breathe
Applications and Technology Conference

The Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, G1 3NU
Tuesday 15th November 2016 | 10am – 3.30pm



The sensing of gases in the air we breathe has become increasingly important as society strives to improve quality of life. Current and future legislation, energy conservation, pollution reduction, safety applications and food production are all examples of market drivers for sensor systems. Emerging Smart City and IoT initiatives are likely to be major future contributors to accelerating the growth of the atmospheric gas sensing solution market.

Join us at Sensing the Air We Breathe: Applications and Technology Industry Conferencein the heart of Glasgow city centre to meet with the industry's leading manufacturers and engineers. Explore the latest gas sensing technology and range of applications and includes a number of speakers from world-renowned companies such as Schneider, Sharp, Honeywell, Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS), NXP, Arkessa, Emerson, QuantIC, CRIL - more to be announced. Sponsored by The Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems (CENSIS), this event provides a vibrant international platform for sensor development and user companies to explore the challenges and opportunities facing today's sensor systems applications industry.

GSS would like to invite you to ‘Sensing the Air We Breathe’ for a day of formal presentations, exhibition and networking! This FREE conference will take place on Tuesday November 15th 2016 at The Lighthouse, Glasgow, from 10am to 3.30pm. Registration commences at 9.00am. 

To Register to attend, Please go to:



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