Who We Are

The Security of Supply of Mineral Resources (SoS-MR) Group has been established to provide networking support for all elements of the mineral supply chain. The primary purpose is to support the delivery of Research programme funded by NERC and EPSRC with significant contributions from the Brazilian funding agency, FAPESP and the project research partners.  Four 4-year research projects have been authorised with total input of nearly £15 million. Links to the project websites will be available soon.

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) hosts the SoS-MR and will provide on-going support during the formation of research partnerships, the development of research proposals and the the project delivery. Part of Innovate UK (Technology Strategy Board) the Knowledge Transfer Network's role is to support the delivery of innovation programme, The SoS-MR website is hosted in the Sustainability & Resource Efficiency area of the KTN. With members from across the supply chain representing business, academia, Government Agencies, NGOs and the general public and with strong links across the KTN networks the SoS-MR community will provide a strong base for national and international collaborations. The KTN operates throughout the UK with offices in many regions.  For further information on the SoS-MR or the KTN please contact Tony Hartwell - tony.hartwell@ktn-uk.org

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