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NEW PARTNER SEARCH: Institute for Advanced Social Studies (IESA)- Spanish Council for Scientific Research

The Research Group on the Socioeconomics of Science and Innovation has extensive experience in analysis and evaluation of research policies, scientific organizations, research communities and innovative firms. They are looking to participate as a partner in projects looking at topics:

1.1.1-2 RRI in an industrial context;

1.1.1-3 Coordination of RRI approaches in an industrial context;

1.1.1-6 Tools and instruments for a better societal engagement in H2020.


Our expertise has been applied in a range of projects, evaluations and consultancy work at both national and international level.  We carry out our own data collection and statistical analyses adapted to our projects. We provide qualitative methodology, sampling design, data processing and extensive fieldwork for surveys, including personal, telephone and on-line surveys.

 Through IESA CSIC the group has its own infrastructure for research services specializing in methodology for the social sciences. The following resources can be used for supporting the actitivies or the project:
-Service for statistics specializing in sampling, survey design, data processing, tabulations and complex statistical analysis. The IESA has developed its own data archive from science and innovation studies.
-Infrastructure for data gathering and surveys, including an extensive network of survey takers and field work coordinators, and an in-house call center for computer assisted telephonic interviews. 
-Administrative unit for project management and organizational support for the social sciences. Service for editing books, reports and research results. Library specialized in methodology for the social sciences.     

The IESA group would be ready to participate in any activity of the project related to our lines of expertise and technical compentencies, including policy reviews, methodology design, data gathering, field work, cualitative and quantitative analysis and writing of reports.


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