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Multi Core Computing

Multi Core Computing

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Maximising the Multicore Advantage - Past Webinar Archives

Here are links to our webinars this year AMD : AMD Opteron - Why it Makes a Difference? Jan 11th, 2012 Intel : Multicore Design Tools: An Overview of Intel Parallell Studio...

Berkeley, Parallel Processing and the Seven Dwarves

See the article posted on my blog to find out  more on this subject.

Maximising the Multi-Core Advantage - New Webinar Series

Building on the success of multi-core initiatives in 2011, we (Scalable Computing Group of the ICT KTN and T & V Solutions) are bringing you seven webinars from leading technology vendors...

Funding Call: Many-core Architectures and Concurrency in Distributed and Embedded Systems

EPSRC has identified ‘Many-core Architectures and Concurrency in Distributed and Embedded Systems’ as a priority for future research funding. The ICT Theme would like to engage with...

3rd UK GPU Computing Conference

The UK GPU Computing Conference is an informal day of talks aiming to span the landscape of accelerated computing and heterogeneous manycore computing. Topics include high-performance...

Five ways to boost MySQL Scalability

Sean Hull presents five ways to boost MySQL scalability. Read more here Link to the article

History of Computing Versus History of programming

They both were meant to be separate. Or were they? Now, with the advent of multicore processors, we are at cross roads once again. This is a good time to look at how did it all start in the...

Major Breakthrough Claimed for Parallel Software Reliability, Security

Computer scientists at Columbia Engineering develop a system that makes multithreaded programs run more stably and efficiently. Read more here Link to the article

Supercomputers Let Up on Speed

So, the new Top 500 list is out. We all know that K has retained the top spot. The announcement, released on 11-11-11 at 11:11 confirmed this news. But, is speed the most important criteria?...

K Sera Sera? What ever K will be?

So, as expected the K topped the top 500 list and achieved slightly over the 10 peta flops. What will K do next? Read section 3 of this article for details. Read more here Link to the...

How To Build Highly Scalable Web Applications For The Cloud?

Here are a set of recommendations by Sean Hull Read more here Link to the article

AWS brings Supercomputing power on the cloud

Amazon announced the launch of the public beta of Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large (CC2) service. What comes with it? Read more here Link to the story

Intel Pushes 50-core Chip, Mulls Exascale Computing

At SC11, Intel spoke about the Knights Corner it seems. The Knights Corner and the E5-2600 will be put into a supercomputer called Stampede due for release in 2013. Stampede is expected to...

What is Amazon doing at SC11?

Find out here Link to more details

SharePoint Scalability: Scaling to 10,000 unique permissions

Scalability problems come in a variety of ways. Here is a practical problem with scaling SharePoint and a description of how it was overcome. Read more here Link to the article

Performance and Scalability Panel

Mark your calendar: A session at QCon San Francisco 2011 Read more here Link to the announcement

A view about large volume of data

Is big data creating big issues for storage performance and scalability? Read more here Link to the article

Scalability from Norway

Here is a brief presentation outlining the Compact Consortium. They are looking for a few things. Read more here Link to the presentation

Scalability Best Practices: Lessons from eBay

Some lessons documented nearly three years ago. Thought of posting it to see how far we have learnt from these lessons. Any thoughts? Read more here Link to the article

Restaurant Scalability

Could pro-waitering serve up some lessons on web scalability? Observing peak hour dining at a New York restaurant gave Sean Hull some insight. Read more here Link to the article
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Case Study: Ordnance Survey OpenData

The Ordnance Survey is undergoing one of the biggest changes in its history – it is now...

Slides from the event "Programming The Multicore"

Our event "The Multicore Challenge II - Programming The multicore" held on 5th...

KTP for Parallel and Multicore Computing

Last month the TSB announced support for a knowledge transfer partnership programme featuring...