Robert Leese

Dr Robert Leese

Director, Industrial Mathematics KTN

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IET Innovation Awards

There is a month left to submit entries for the IET Innovation Awards 2010.  Awards are available in 15 separate categories.  Full instructions and details of the scope of each category, are available here.

Future energy systems

Following the highly successful Energy Systems Week held last month, the Institute of Mathematics and its Application have issued an associated press release.

Cooling in data centres

 The recent issue of ACM Queue contains a nice survey of the issues around convection, heat exchange and refrigeration in the cooling of data centres.  Aside from the opportunities for mathematical modelling, these questions are no doubt of interest to members of the Digital Systems KTN too.  The article's author, Andy Woods, is Director of the BP Institute at the University of Cambridge.  The Industrial Mathematics KTN has previously enabled research involving Andy's colleague Colm Caulfield in collaboration with Arup, on natural ventilation in buildings.

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