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Three mistakes we’re still making about Smart Cities

I was asked this week to contribute my view of the present state of the Smart Cities movement to the UK Government’s launch of its Smart Cities Forum. In launching the Forum, David Willetts MP, Minister for Universities and Science, remarked that the Smart Cities movement should judge its success by its ability to improve the quality of life for city residents.
The market for Smart Cities solutions to address that challenge is growing - entrepreneurial businesses are delivering new city services, enabled by technology and backed by venture capital; and city Councils, service providers and transport authorities are investing in Smart infrastructures. 
But I think that we are still making three mistakes that limit the scale at which truly innovative Smart City projects are being deployed: we don't use the right mix of skills to define Smart City initiatives; we ask academic researchers to answer the wrong challenges; and we don't listen to the quiet voices that matter.
I've written an article on my blog addressing those challenges, based on my remarks on the panel discussion at the Smart Cities Forum launch. I'd appreciate hearing your views on them:
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