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Six ways to design humanity and localism into Smart Cities

The Smart Cities movement is sometimes criticised for appearing to focus mainly on the application of technology to large-scale city infrastructures such as smart energy grids and intelligent transportation.
But to focus too much on this aspect of Smart Cities and to overlook the social needs of cities and communities risks forgetting what the full purpose of cities is: to enable a huge number of individual citizens to live not just safe, but rewarding lives with their families.
There are many examples of people, communities and businesses who have used "Smart Cities" ideas and technology to achieve those objectives. Their stories - what they achieved; how the potential of technology was apparent to them; why it was affordable and accessible; and how they acquired the skills to exploit it - tell us how we should design and engineer humanity and localism into Smarter Cities.
I've written an article on my blog describing how I've learned to address those challenges whilst working on IBM's Smarter Cities initiative. I'd appreciate hearing your views on the subject.
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