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A design pattern for Future Cities: City Centre Enterprise Incubation


I've just posted a description on my blog of a design pattern for Future Cities: City-Centre Enterprise Incubation.
The pattern describes the provision of  facilities to incubate technology, creative and social enterprises in an urban environment to stimulate innovative growth through cross-sectoral interaction and innovation; and to facilitate co-operative investment in technology. Examples of this approach in the UK include Sunderland Software City, Hub Westminster and Birmingham Science Park Aston.
The design pattern is described here: 
... and it's part of a collection of patterns that I'm slowly building up; the collection, and the reasons for building it, are described here:
I'd be grateful for any comments from this community on the new pattern; on the usefulness of this approach; or on specific patterns that you think should be included - I'm hoping to launch a more concentrated collaborative initiative on this theme later in the year.


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